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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 7, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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last night. let's hear now from her mother. >> my baby's gone. but i'm so happy andeel so blessed that they got him. >> reporter: the mothe of natina kiah is elated that the man suspected of killing her daughter has been caught. >> that was my only child. that was my only child. and he took it away from me. he took it away fromme. but he will not take my joy. >> reporter: lamont stephenson is the suspect, man on the fbi's top ten most wanted fugitives list. he'd be on the run for more than four years. he was wanted for the murder of his fiancee in newark, new jersey in 2014. >> he killed my daughter and then killed the cat and put the cat in the bed with her. this is not his first crime. he got other crimes where he killed the person and put the dog in the bed. >> reporter: kiah was a security guardt the men's shelter in northeast d.c. and that's where
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relatives say she met e stephenson. d no idea he was a wanted man or a violent past. >> calling himself apr cher. he was just -- he was just the smooth erator. >> reporter: kiah was the mother of four children. tamia is just 14 years old. >> my mom not going to be the for my graduation or my prom. >> reporter: kiah was well at the shelter and so was stephenson. she was a sweet heart, and they never thought stephenson could be capable ofmurder. seemed like he was a very nice guy. laughed, talked with us every sunday. we'd get up sunday morning at 6:30 and go to church. >> reporter: we are hoping to get a lot of our questio answered at the press conference scheduled to start any minute now. of course, the family wants to know why thishappened. as we understand, stephenson was taken into custody here thismo ing in prince george's county, found inside a vehicle,
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police started ecking, ran his name and that's when they found the open warrant and he rt rely told police he's just tired of running. wendy, back to you. >> darcy spencer, that's pretty powerful stuff. we have some details nowut a how stephenson wound up on the fbi's ost wantedlist. they've been trying to track him down since 2014 for the murder ofis fiancee and her dog. she was strangled in her newark home a then stephenson was missing in action since some sueillance video captured him at newark's penn station as he was getting on a bus. thevictim's family told our sister station in new york, that they had reconnected just the year before at a school regiuni and they had no red flags he was violent. again we're keeping an eye on the press conference with the fbi and police and we'll keep
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you updated on what they had to say. aino bre a county police officer in prince george's county indicted accusen of pun a man repeatedly who was already in police custody. tracee wilkins isere now with the new developments. tracee? >> reporter: this is explained to us as a man who was taken into custody for breaking and tering, put in the front seat of a police cruiser, strapped in with the seat belt and thennc d a number of times by that officer while the man was restrained. other prince george's county police officers reported what they saw, and that's wbrt ght us to today. this man has been prince george's county grand jury. hear now from the state's attorney and the chief of police. >> so when incidents like this occur, we standogether with our police department to send a message to the community that this type of behavior is unacceptable in this county. and that we will seekha justicen of the victims in every single case, including those who
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have been assaulted by officers. >> these matters are conducted in a transparent faion. you once again will hear from me that yes, corporal steven downey was indicted today, by a grand jury comprised of members of our community for second degree assault. >> reporter: officer stephen downey is a white male and the victim in this case was an african-american male. police tellingha us they are being very transparent about what happened here in this case and he noonger on the job. as it standsnd he is sused until the end of all of this. reporting live i'm tracee wilkins. back to you in the studio. let's l get ak at the forecast. the super coldeather is pulled out of here but now we have something coming in before we can start dancing in e sunlight and warm temperatures, right? >> absolutely. now it's just kind ofcold, yesterday was frigid. look at the current wind
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yesterday at this time we were in the teens and low 20s. right now we'r in the0s and 30s. 38 d.c. it's chilly across our area, especially for this time of year. but nothing compared to yesterday. we're watching the radar, not rit now in our region. but just off to the west. here's the next storm system moving our way, a warm front ahead of an area of low pressure that's going to sweep o acros area and give us a chance for snow. during the day tomorrow some areas see snow, some see rain. we have much on the weekend changes in -- i'm going to time it out exactly for you -- minutes. >> all right, doug. >> there you go. he is precise. >> keep watching the clock. we're watching other things as well. flowing breaking news at the federal courthouse in alexandria where a judge is sentencing president trump's former campaign manager, paul manafort. erika gonzalez in our news room
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any announcement yet, erika? >> this has just come into the news room producer in th courtroom keeping track of this. he's reporting that judge ell has declined to give paul manafort any credit for acceptance of liresponsi. there is now a 15-minute recess in that courtroom. so we should be hearing something relatively soon. it's 5:05 right now. so hang with us for a few minutes. what we can tell you is the judge and the legal tes have been going back and forth. they were arg about whether manafort should get the credit for accepting responsibility. now we knowhat the judge has to say about that. the special counsel's office said he should not because the case went to trial. thirformer trump campaign c is facing a sentence that could carry double digits in years. d be looking at .pending the rest of his life behind bars
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the charges against manafort do not stem from his time with the trump campaign. they are related to hisin lobbyg ukraine. nbc news has a team inside the courthouse and has said that the judge hased expre that he won't be finishing this asentencing, quote, witho least one recess. they're in that right now. so hang with us and we should be hearing something in the next w minutes. from the live desk i'm erika gonzalez. back to you guys. >> thank you. right now the house is debating a resolution that condemnsanti-semitism and other forms of hate. this comes from comments from ilhan omar, comments she made that were called anti-semitic. that set off a debate between the older and younger democrats in the house. some say she'seing called out cause she's muslim.
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he man convicted of murdering his wife and a young prince william county police officer will spend the rest of his life in prison. ronald hamilton killed his wife crystal and officer ashley guindon. tonight their families are struggling to find healing. david culver is live outside the courthouse. tell us about it, david. >> reporter: inside that co thouse, you had two mothers taking the stand. they are heart broken over the course of an hour they each poured out their agony describing to the judge what the past three years have been like as ty have triedo cope with their daughters' murders. two young lives, each with hope-filled futures tak at the hands of army veteran, ronald hamilton, he's going to prison for life. but crystal hamilton's mother? >> i'm going through hell.
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>> sherree murphy could barely walk to the stand to giveer testimony, exhausted physically, emotionally, but determined to face her daughter's killer, her son-in-law. >> i was expecting to see my child walking, not laying in a cold place. >> reporter: february 2016, ronald hamiltonunned down his wife crystalhen opened fire on the responding police officers, wounding three of them, including officer ashley gu don. it was her first day on the street. her mother testified that her bl to death telling hamilton, quote, you are a vicious, cold-blooded, heartless murderer. even life in prison without parole is too good for you. you deserve much worse. hamilton will never walk free thanks in part on e powerful and emotional testimony. >> heard wrenching testimony,
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shows how far reaching this man's actions wereehroughout community. >> this will forever change their lives. >> it's hard for me to get up and start a day without thinking about her.t sometimes i dot up. >> reporter: at one point as sherree murphy was on the stand teifying, i looked up and saw ronald hamilton w wipin a lot of tears from his eyes but then you look at the rest of the courtroom, theourtroom filled th family members and the police community and you see on their faces complete devastation and you realize how many lives re impacted by his actions. >> that's a hurt that will never go thank you, dav safety improvements could be coming to two of the most dangerous roads inbule. they have been the scene of hundreds of crashes, including this foodruck accident in 2017 that took the life of an ashburn woman and seriously injured her
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now the loudon county board of supervisors have approved two t plan make changes.9 $2million worth of recommendations that include turn lanes, rumble strips, round abouts, traffic lights alleing considered. fee. a maryland woman will be sentenced nex i month connection to this crash, investigators say she was going 75 miles an hour when she drove into the top of th hill restaurant killing a 73-year-old and injuring 10 others. robinson's lawyer claimed she had a stuck gas pedal and that caused the crash. the jury didn't buy it. she was convicted of vehicular man manslaughter. a crack down onriminals attacking the elderly. plus susan hogan explains the danger that still exists for seniors. a debate over a bill that
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allows termally ill patients to choose assisted suicide. the plan to change access to the national zoo and not everyone is happy about it, we'll tell you. >>
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big changes coming to the national zoo in northwest d.c. and they're going t pact how you get in to see the animals. thet planning commission j voted to add more security fencing in and around the zoo and they're cuttingack on the number of pedestrian entrances as well. mark segraves has the details on the new security measures. >>eporter: one thinghat won't change is the main entrance on a connecticutvenue it will stay open as it always
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has. in fact, the three main entrances won't be changed at l. currently there are 13 ways you can walk into the zoo. that number wucl be red to six. one of the entrances that's going to be closed is behind a*azonia building.u n get to it on this trail behind the creek. but zoo officials say this was never intended to be a publi entrance in the first place and will now be fenced off. ther is confusion about the two entrancesng a beach drive. these will be open but they're closed now due tounrelated construction along the bike path. this means new fencing will go up around the zoo. nstruction is scheduled to begin later this year. there were originally plans to put in securityhe cpoints at these entrances, those plans have been scrapped. but zoo officials say they will
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ha temporary security screening during spring break coming up in a few weeks. from the national zoo, mark segraves, news4. today about a new option to treat people living with hiv. two large internationaldi s are finding that mothly shots of hiv drugs work as well as a daily pill. the shots combine two existing hiv medications. drug makers are current liv seeking fda t approva allow the shots to be used. not clear how much the injections will be cost but experts say the pce will affect who is able to get it. there's also concern if patients miss the shot, it could lead to drug resistant strains of the virus. maryland could be the next state to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives. today the bill phesed house of delegates but not without a
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heated argument. >> reporter: it was an emotional debatene lawmaker voted in favor of the end of life option act sharing the story of his mother's battle with cancer. >> she made the decision not to seek further treatment. and my mother was the strongest person i've ever known. >> reporter: another lawmaker whose mother died from cancer, voted against medically assisted death. >>ot once inconceivable pain, not once did me or my exhibiisi even consider putting her out of her misery. not once. >> reporter:it iecomes law, it'll only be available to adult patients with less than six months to live. they ever to request assisted
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suicide three times, once in writing with a witness and ty have the right to cancel their request at any time. the vote in the house of delegates was ose. 74 in favor of the end of life option. 66 against. now it goes tthe senate. >> ultimate passage is what we're loo looking for rappahanno, of course, and that meople will have the option, people at the end of their lives, to die when they want, where they want, and with whom they want. >> reporter: this is not the end of the debate. only if the maryland senate passes the end of life option act, women maryland join seven other states and the district of columbia with laws that allow dieing.>> the sponsor of the bill in the senate is optimistic be approved. . >> u.s. senators are intervening
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because of a story you saw here. last month scott macfarlane reported that a fairfax county kidnappe is nearing his release from prison and the feds are placing him minutes away from his victim's family. and now congress is asking to change that. >> news4 broke the news thathae nearly finished his 16 year prison sentenced anded transfe from a north korocarolina priso a halfway house in pittsburgh, just a 4 minute drive from the home of his victim'sly fa. in 2003, he pleadeduilty to kidnapping thend a 13-year-ol of pennsylvania. he lured the girl online and drove four hours to abduct her. a nationwide man hunt found him four days later and freed the girl. when weold her family the u.s. bureau of prisons placed him in
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a halfway house in pittsburgh and expects him to remain in that area after his release next month, they were outraged. >> there's no reason he should be our problem. and as long as he's here, he's going to problem because it's terrifying. >> in letter pennsylvania's two u.s. senators are asking the bureau of prisons to reconsider the placement saying there's concern for the victim's fame and he should be transferred elsewhe elsewhere. the bureau of prison tells news4 it followed a policies and practices and consulted the court system before placing him in pittsburgh. they did not say whether they planned to change courac. i'm scottrlane, back to you. some major upgrades are planned for busy route 1. ahead the unique methods officials are trying to make it safer fortrian there. w> also we're going to go from a little bit of snoo the 70
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all right. temperature notwithstandiic today wasre perfect. >> it was pretty. >> right? >> but the picture is going to change. >> we have a little bit of a mess tomorrow, not a big mess,di t want anybody to worry about it. we're notulling out any bread
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meter or anything like that. >> we will stand down then. >> this is not a big issue at all tomoow. we a tracking the system. the clouds have made their way across our region now, courtesy of the storm making its way our way. much nicer though we're still on the cold side. average high temperature, 52 degrees, right now 44, winds out of the northwest 13 miles per hour. we're s talking wind chill. yesterday at this time the wind chills wer in the teens and low 120s. now they're in the 20s and 30s. so it's about 15 degrees warmer th yesterday. 38 wind chill in d.c. 28 ingaithersburg no wind chill down to the south. not seeing a lot of wind across n r region today. nothinge radar either. but widen the picture out just a ttle bit you can see the clouds streaming in ahead of the next system. the area of pressure right back in this area, this is a warm
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front that's going to make its way across our area ding the day. we'll time it out for you hour by hour. 8:00 a.m. getting ready to get on the roads, getting the kids to school, no worries. it staoms to in around the 10:00 a.m. hour to the west back along the i-81 corridor. what happens around 1:00, 1:30, moving into the d.c., metro area, and to the south and east rain. snow to the north andwest. it'll be on the fairly light side. but there could be snowuring the afternoon. notice right along 270, always a metsz around 5:0co 6:00, snow ng down, rain coming down, kind of a mess. and i-95 the marker here. south and east, rain. north and west talking some snow. it kind ofut moves during the evening hours. not a big storm.wi er weather advisory not for most of us, but higherev
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ions, blue ridge, back into portions of west virginia t there, 1 3 inches. but that's about 1,500 feet. theest ofus, nothing in d.c. towards the south. it's all rain. maybe a coatin frederick, leesburg. by coating that's on the grassy surfaces not the roadways. not worried about roads at all. back b along thee ridge, and the ski resorts, 1 to 3 inches. that's why i think this weekend a great weekend to go skiing. 50 degrees on saturday with some cloud coverage.n 70 sunday. some a.m. rain around 7:00, 8:00. that gets out of here we shoot up to 70. early next w lkking nice too. temperatures at or above average through the middle pt of next week. we'll talk more about youren we forecast and sunday daylight savings time. next week looks quite good.
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a local business owner mits toaying nearly $50,000 in bribes in exchange for towing contracts. ahead the questions surrounding this case despite a recent guilty plea. >> reporter:'m adam tuss, major pedestrian chang coming from one of the busiest corridors in our region. i'll tell you what's about to be diwherent. police are now saying
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and if you're just joining us at 5:30, we are following breaking news, one of america's most wanted fugitives captured in prince george's county. >> lamont stephenson is suspected of killing a woman in the distroik last night. investigators say he murdered natina kiah at her apartment in southeast d.c. >> he was added to the most wanted list last fall accused of killing another woman, his fiancee in new jersey. police officials are holding a press conference right now. and erika gonzalez will bring us an update in a couple minutes. racing on foot to get from one side of the street to the other. >> and in one area in particular trdates e coming t alleviate
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that. sportation reporter adam tuss takes a look at it along route 1.r: >> repor in college park, trying to think outside of the car. >> we know we're never going to do away with allcars. >> there you goed >> reporter:trian safety is top of mind along route 1, though. so many people are here and issues like jaywalking so common that some just shrug it off. >> they put a fenn the middle so people couldn't jaywalk because a couple people got killed jaywalking. >> reporter: here they're going against the light. what do you think about that? >> i sort of sympathize because this is a real long red light. >> reporter: indeed this is ada ngerous stretch. six pedestrian i deathsthe last ten years according to statistics. here's the thing r aboutte 1 in college park, also known as baltimore avenueit a wide road, many lanes of traffic to get across. universitt this, the
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of maryland, the population swells to about 50,000 during the work days, a lot of people trying to get back and forth from one side to the next. the road is aut to go through an upgrad bike lanes, pedestrian lanes and sidewalks. >> we're doi everything we can to make it feel safer and elimndate traffic a pedestrian fatalities and injuries. >> reporter: students welcome e upgrades but say simple awareness to help cut down on accidents. >> i t thinkse generally happen late at night when no one well. nking >> reporter: for now a transportation corridor poised for change. in college park, adatuss, news4. one more note here, adam tells us the traffic safety project could te six years to complete. in fairfax county investigators are trying tofi re out what sparked this fire earlier today in an apartment building.
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this is video posted by the fire department, this is a garden style apartment along oak creek lane in fair lakes. we're told crews found fire and oke in an attic when they got there. about two dozen units had to be evacua everade it out safely. news4 is working for you veteran y to help a save money on energy bills. they're trying to upgrade 100 homes of 100 veterans at no cost to that vet. today they are working at steve's home in fairfax county. this is the first home in our area to get an energy efficiency upgrade at no charge. >> the lightbulbs changing out to aigr efficiency bulb to help with electric bills. and installedn aeratorse sinks. and now ductwork for the hvac
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system. >> they hope to complete the 100 homes by veterans day. if you know a vetan that might qualify for the program contact the share m. the owner of a local tow company has been sentenced to 16 months behind prison for bribing three d.c. employees. one of those employees has always been phesecuted but other two haven't been identified. as mark segraves reports, makes you wonder if they are still working for the city. >> reporter: the owner of able towing admitted to paying tens of thousands of dollars in bribes to d.c. government department of e public works and the department of for hire vehicles. while prosecutors have identified one of those employees who pd guilty to taking bribes, prosecutors have never identified two other t peoplek thousands of dollars in bribes. the supervisor at dpw and a
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taxicab inspector, even though they know who they raises concerns that on those two employees could be still working for thety >> i'm disappointed on manyle ls first of all as a general proposition corruption in government is the most thing that can happen. >> reporter: this most recent scandal happened between 2011 cd 2013. but thert records weren't unsealed until last month. only then did d.c. officials and the public learn just how widespread the bribery scandal was. over the past 20 years there have been dozens of people indicted for bribing government employees connected to those two ag agencies, no one would go on camera to answeres ons, but the director of dpw issued this sthiement. while happened several years ago, i want to be clear there is a zero tolerance for this type of conduct. we tried to speak with a
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representative of able towing, but were politely asked to leave their office in the district, mark segraves, news4. and we asked the u.s. attorney's office why prosecutors have not revealedth district officials who took the bribes, and they have not responded to ourquestions. > it's an area that's seen snarled traffic wor ahile and now things are about to get more complicated there. what you need to know about the major d.c. road project. a music icon wit roots in the district gets his own stamp. ne tribute time for what would have been marvin gaye's 80th birthday. tomorrow at this time tracking a rain snow showers across the area. and more rain over the
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this is very sad, the s countr only hand made fortune cookie company may be forced to close its doors because of san francisco's skyrocketing rents. for more than0 years tourists haveloed to golden gate fortune cookie, i was there. go downsmell it as you the street. the company says it's struggling to pay the rent that has quadrupled in the last year, from $1,400 to nearly $6,000. the owners say moving is not an option because t equipment you
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see there is built into the building. >> do you think the owns ve a cookie -- >> it's sad. i hope the numbersn the back give them good luck. let's look at something cool here. anacostia neighborhood getting its own busboys and poets. the restaurant opening to the public next week along martin luther king jr. avenue. it will serve food and coffe and will also be a cultural space, honoring their roots. 90% of the aork inside is going to be from artists who live in ward 7 and 8. the marion berry will have a room named there in his honor. the an doacostia museum is going to be closing its doors for renovations. during the renovation period,
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the museum's main exhibit is going to go on display at different public libraries across the city. the anacostia museum celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. virginia's girls' basketball has a new state champion. this was a close one until the fourth quarter when vikings dominated and outscored cosby to win by 20. wood bridge takes home its first basketball title in this is a big win for them and a big congratulations to the team. an all out attack on scamsi targ the elderly. what the feds are doing now to protect the most vulnerable. i'm cory smith inside the museum. coming up we'll give you s ane
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we want to take a closer look at our top story, a man from the fbi's ten most wanted list arrested here ina. our a >> lamont stephenson is his name. he's been on the run since 2014. he got added to the bureau's last fall.o he's now a facing charges from the district. >> erika gonzalez is in our news room. >> this apparently allame tha to police deal with on a pretty regular basis. lamont stephenson, now accused murders, the first in new jersey back in 2014. and then again last night in southeast d.c. investigators say this morning officers responded to a suspicious person in a truck. officers kept questioning him before he admitted he may be wanted for crimes. >> three prince george's county police officers in the early morning hours apprehendedne of the fbi's ten most wanted.
5:45 pm
there are precious few individuals in law enforcementa who pride of place to say such a thing. i'm proud we run that call for service every day, and they could easily have said you're not supposed to be in that truck,wn walk he street. darcy spencer spoke with the e's also the woman, at the news conference. look at the latest ahead top of the hour. i'm erika gonzalez. that's a fascinating story. a lot of moving parts to that. protecting senior citizens from scams. today the department of justice annound the largest crack down on scammers. >> but they warn there is a rngl for consumers over the age of 60. susan hogan is working for you with what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones. >> this was a good crack down.
5:46 pm
the u.s. attorney general's office said charges were laid against 260 suspects who go against skeen yors. our older generation is falling fo tech support scams. when scammers get the victim on the phone and tell themne they to access their computer to fix the problem but then the thieves stfol personal ation, including credit card numbers. >> it's despicable because the people involved are vun any rabble and because of the stage e the e they don't h opportunity to recover. so these losses are devastating to them. >> the sure ar now in an effort to educate senior citizens about these types of scams,or the ay general's office in each state is sending people out in th field, into the community to spread the word. the enior citizens aren't only ones falling for scams. look at this.
5:47 pm
43% of people in their 20s reported losg money t fraud last year. compared to just 15% of people in their 70s. when the older generation did lose money it was in lger amounts. the median loss was75 compared to $400 for people in their 20s. d those in their 80s lost the moth with a median of $1,700. scammers like to get money b wire transfer, that was the most popular payment method reported. but the ftc said they saw a surge of payments with gift cards. remember, b individuvigilant, d send money to anyone you don't know. and your seniors, relatives -- >> when my dad was alive this was a problem because he didn't unrstand the technology and he would worry, so if someone said there was something wrong he would do what they said. >> and they're a generation and
5:48 pm
that trusted and ake hand s was all you needed. >> and they have more assets. >> there's a special place in hell for these people. >> yes, ma'am. >> no argument there. see ifhi there's som to argue about the weather? no argument as we see 60 o 70, as you're promising. is that a scam? >> no. amelia and i were having an argument in the w>>ther center. about? >> about going 69 or 70 degrees. i said let's go 70. >> what's the bet? >> i don't know what the spring bet is. winter bet is grilled cheese. we'll ask her in a second get your answers ready, amelia, we have this coming up. what are we deang withight now? we have cloud cover, high clouds etreaming in. but a n shot down towards the washington monument. 44 degrees. still on the chilly side cut not that bpared to where we were yesterday. what a difference. 39 degrees the temperaturear
5:49 pm
nd 7:00. we are still talking wind chill here. it's cold, this would be cold for march but yesterday we were in the teens and 20s sohat makes this look great out there. we'llay balmy compared to yesterday. here's the storm system making its way our way. own towardl snow, the south, roanoke starting to see snow. here it is tomorrow mornisg, no es on the roadways early tomorrow morning. by noon, though, starting t see the rain/snow mix making its way in here. around the 2:00 hour, rain to the south and east, snow to the north and west. it's more showers andeally a light snow event happening during the afternoon heavier around frederick and e,baltim down to the south this is all rain. what to expect out of is? really rain south/snow north. that's it.
5:50 pm
light accumulation possible. maybe a coating on grassy surfaces. most roads will be okay. no problem there either. i thi the roads will be fine tomorrow evening but it will be wet on the roads.t let's talk abhe weekend. we went 70, amelia. >> yes. >> what do you thinwe yo like 67, 68. let's go 70. >> i agree with you, but year it's been so hard to get the warm air in here. so hate to say we'll hit 70 s.d get stuck in the 60 i'm not the pessimist, i like to be an optimist but also a realist. let's talk about the weather. saturday hig temperature around 50 degrees. it's finally warmerol it's been so this week and there you do see the 70 on sunday. we'll have rainver the weekend, the good news is the timing keepsoving up. so this rain falling saturday night into early sunday morning. that's going to set us up for a
5:51 pm
gorge sunday afternoonon dependg ow much sunshine we see is going to help the temperatures warm or hang out in the 60s. 4:00 p.m. on saturday still dry, by dinner time we see rain moving into the area ya. raining for your saturday evening. sunday 7:00 a.m. still showers hanging on by about 9:00 a.m. 'r drying out across the area. the weather having a low impact on your weekend. exercise is looking great, skiing i would go on saturday. get the car washed later on sunday. we have daylight saving time this weekend,e sprinforward, lose the hour of sleep. we get the sun rise shifting to 7:30, but the sun sets atp. 7:0 you want to get back into baseball i heard you talking tonight doug, there's no more springtime activity. if you win can i get you a baseoull, i don't know what need, and i'm planning my vacation to hawaiio i'll
5:52 pm
figure out something i need a sun glass thing fory sunglasses so they don't fall off. that's not too pricy, a fr bet, right? >> you put some thought into that one. >> i had minute to think about it. >> i get baseball and she gets a thing with -- >> trip to hawaii. >> it's $800. >> i'm not paying for anything for hawaii. 42 on friday, 50 on saturday and there's that 70 on saturday. really nice monday, tuesday, and wednesday before another chance of rain late next week. she's going to hawaii? who's working for her? >> that would be you. >> yep. i was going to say, i think the guy in the mirror. d.c. native marvin gaye is gettingome love on what would have been his 80th birthday. a stamp ofgaye from the u.s. postal service going to be released in april. one is designed to look like a record sleeve, the other is thi
5:53 pm
portrait. the artist behind the stamps also has local roots. he was born in silver spring. you can buy the stamps starting april 2nd. amazon has selected quinn park high school to be part of its future in eprineers ram. the program started in november, trains students from underpvileged communities to pursue careers in computer sciences. students can take advancedco ses and apply for special scholarships a maybe intern for amazon. gwynn is one of 1,000 schools selected nationwide. we'rehi appro 60 years since poce raided pope lar gay right. tomorrow the museum opens an exhibit that looks at the lasting impact of those cory smith takes us inside.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: in many ways the museum's rise up exhibit is a coming out story itself.a chronicle and celebration of the gay rights moment. christy is the exhibit's creator. >> it was everyday americans who made it possible. >> the stone wall riots are a starng point. its leaders like harvey milk, barbara gidings are featured throughout. >> we want to play off people experiences they had and tap into that personal connection. this is why we focusn people. >> reporter: journalism also plays a role in the exhibit. from coverage of the aids epidemic to a celebration of lgbtq publications. >> they are a leader in getting out lgbtq news and talking about it in a cohesive way. >> reporter: for oliver the
5:55 pm
challenge was to put exhibit to speak to those who lived it and cameer a it. people like john lake, who was born two yearseforetone wall and married a few years befor gay marriage was legal nationwide. >> if it teaches us how far we'vet come, shows how far we have yet to go. >> reporter: if visits walk away with nothing else, they hope they seenyone can make a difference. a everyday americans can ma change >> reporter: the exhibit officially opens on friday. >> the opengf the rise up exhibit coincides with family pride weekend. nd to celebrate the museum is offering discounts on tickets. yesterdaylex trebek announced his fight with stage four cancer. >> new at 6:00, barbara harrison talks with our own joe can he
5:56 pm
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we're covering several late breaking stories tonight at6: . good evening i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm wendy rieger. we are two hours into a sentencing hearing for former trump campaign chair paul manafort. the judge's decision could come
5:59 pm
any time in the next hour. also breaking right now in prince george's county, a most wanted fugitive caught. wanted for killing his fiancee in new jersey and just yesterday a mother of four in d.c. news4 talking exclusively to that victim's mily. >> my mom not gonna be there for my graduation or my prom. just why. we begin with that routine police call that led to a hugee in two separate murders. >> tonight a man from the fbi's most wanted list in custody accused of killing two womene includingn our area. >> news4's darcy spencer has been followingshe twistn this case, and there are many, she joins us live in palmer park, maryland. >> reporter: prince george's county police just wrapped up the press conference this major arrest of a man on the fbi's top ten most wanted .
6:00 pm
li they say they got a call for suspicious person inside a ntal truck in a parking lot in prince george's county early this morning. they got his name, they ran it in the system and saw that he was wanted for murder. he's also wanted in connection illing that happened just last night in d.c. we begin our report tonight with that victim's mother. >> my by's gone, but i'm so happy and feel so bthssed this got him. >> the mother of natina kiah is elated that the man suspected of killing her daughter has been caug. >> that was my only child. that was myy o child. he took it away from me. he took it away from me. but he will not take my jo r orter: lamont stephenson is the suspect. a man on the fbi's top ten most ed fugitives list. he'd been on the run for more than four years. he was wanted for the murder of his fiancee in newark, new jersey in 2014.


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